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Carla Esparza

Carla Esparza

Body Builder
the 1st ever UFC 115lb Champion, might be in one of the lighter weight classes but she shouldn’t be taken lightly; she is fierce. Back in high school, Carla always had a love and passion for high intensity combat sports. She proved herself to be a top competitor on the boys wresting team. There was something about the intensity and focus that made her fall in love with the sport of fighting.

Carla continued her passion for being on the mat, and turned her dreams into a reality, when she received a contract to fight in the UFC. Now, with close to 20 wins, she is rising the ranks. Supplementing with MHP products and working closely with her trainer, top IFBB Pro Mike Saffaie, has helped her put her best efforts forward and be at the top of her game. When Carla isn’t training or kicking butt, she still enjoys being active and likes to go hiking, play tennis and basketball, and travel.

Hometown – Redondo Beach, California
Record – 13-6 and 3 TUF fights for a total fight record of 16-6



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